Tips for selling an apartment


You must understand that you can constantly receive calls. But do not expect that immediately it is your buyer. If you are annoyed by all these calls, then there is only one conclusion: you should not have been selling real estate on your own. It was necessary to entrust the real estate agency to sell the apartment.

Important negotiations.

According to statistics, due to poorly trained workers (without experience), about ten percent is lost when selling real estate! Therefore, it would be necessary to have someone nearby who knows how to competently negotiate.


If you have found a buyer who is ready to buy your apartment, then you can certainly be congratulated: half of the work has already been done. Now the most important part remains – the actual sale of real estate. In order to fix the agreements and reach agreements with the buyer, it is necessary to issue a deposit. The deposit will confirm the buyer’s desire to purchase your apartment, and you will be given the green light to prepare the documents.

We draw up documents.

Here, independent owners can only face the state bureaucracy in its purest form.


Your documents for an apartment for re-registration should be as ready as possible. Otherwise, according to experience, about 50% of buyers will ask for the deposit back and say goodbye to you, as they do not have the time or desire to wait. And have every reason to.
Will you be able to independently sell an apartment quickly, correctly and without problems?
Here, in fact, all stages of the sale are briefly described, how to sell an apartment yourself. If you have a little free time and desire, then you will definitely succeed.

But first, ask yourself a few questions:

  • do I have the necessary qualities, knowledge and skills to analyze information and draw conclusions, the ability to negotiate;
  • do I have enough free time, because the process of self-selling is usually quite long;
  • or I have a positive sales experience, because the buyer does not recognize the product if it is not presented to him by a good seller.
  • If the answer to all questions is yes, then there is a real opportunity to sell on your own, but for what?

Selling an apartment – do you know that:

In most cities, in particular in Lviv, the services of intermediaries for property owners are free.
Most buyers in the market are looking for property through intermediaries, not on their own. Therefore, they will not be able to buy your property.
If you have found a buyer on your own, then you can always partially agree with the agency on the services of further support (preparation of documents, support, consultations, negotiations, execution of a preliminary contract).