How to sell property

Describe the real estate.

The information must be clear, comprehensive, comprehensive and, of course, true.

The more information you provide, the fewer follow-up questions you will have over the phone. specify:

  • total and residential area; number of rooms,
  • floors; cost, possibility of trading;
  • type of real estate: primary, secondary;
  • state of repair; communications: heating, water supply, sewerage;
  • characteristics of the house, external walls, networks;
  • object address, district, transport interchange, infrastructure.

Please provide your contact details. If the apartment is sold by the owner, this should also be noted in the ad. We wrote in more detail about the announcement step in an article published earlier.
Preparing housing for sale In the West,

this is a whole business area called home staging or, literally, “housing presentation.” It defines a set of measures to increase the attractiveness of real estate for sale. In fact, home staging is pre-sale preparation, but more serious and large-scale. This includes various measures, from cosmetic repairs to general cleaning. At the same time, the main rule is that all investments must eventually pay off. That is, no expensive solutions, only affordable and effective ones.

Here’s what you can do as part of home staging:

  • re-glue the wallpaper;
  • paint the seams between the tiles;
  • lay linoleum;
  • change the tulle;
  • repaint the ceilings or simply wipe, if the condition is satisfactory;
  • clean the carpet; wash the windows;
  • check the serviceability of all lighting devices, switches, door handles, and so on;
  • if necessary, replace light bulbs, remove other possible breakages;
  • repair the plumbing: the flow can be eliminated by replacing a gasket or a broken valve.

And don’t forget about the surrounding area. We are talking about the entrance and the yard. Of course, there is no point in making repairs in the front room, it is enough to simply clean it. You will probably be able to resolve this issue with the landlord or the janitor.

Preparation of the object for showings

An overview for a potential client is a fitting of the apartment for yourself. It is important to make the most favorable first impression. It turns out that this is not so difficult to achieve. Ventilate all rooms before showing. If needed, light scented candles or spray with air freshener. Just don’t overdo it. Smells should be neutral, unobtrusive.

Turn on the lights everywhere.

This is one of the rules of home staging that we talked about above. Well-lit rooms will seem much more attractive to the client. Try to create a neutral atmosphere. Hide all family photos, personal items.

Take the family for a walk. If pets live in the apartment, do not draw attention to this. Not all people love animals, so it is better to hide bowls, toys, leashes and collars.

Ensuring the availability of the object

After publishing the ad, you will have to answer a lot of calls. Half of them will be from intermediaries offering their services, and the other part will be from those willing to clarify something. Stock up on patience. In such conditions, you just want to turn off the phone, but you can’t do it. So you can lose a potential client. After each clarification, simply add the requested information to the ad to reduce the number of similar calls.

The same situation with reviews.

Not everyone will be successful. Someone just won’t come. In most cases, the shows for which you have prepared so carefully will end in nothing. But it’s an integral part of the sales process that you have to accept. The main thing is that the object remains accessible to potential customers.

Collection of documents Serious buyers clarify this point immediately.

And even if no one asks you about the documents for the apartment, it will not hurt to prepare for the operation in advance. This will help speed up the process, and also add a plus to your real estate in the eyes of the buyer. Confidence in the official side of the deal is a convincing argument.

Here is the list of required documents:

  • passport and identification code;
  • permission of guardianship authorities;
  • confirmation of ownership: sales contract, inheritance certificate, court decision, other option;
  • technical passport; consent of husband/wife;
  • opinion of an expert appraiser – for tax calculation;
  • extract from the State Register;
  • a certificate from ZHEK or TsNAP stating that all residents have been discharged.

You can also take a statement about the absence of arrears on utility payments. This point may also interest the buyer.

Hiring a professional

As you can see, not everyone can afford to sell housing on their own. It requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, more and more often, owners are inclined to engage a professional realtor. This makes sense, but only if you work with a specialist.
Choose a real estate agent carefully, and then the transaction will definitely go quickly and successfully for all parties.