House Selling Secrets

Organization of views

They started calling you on a special phone that you allocated for the sale of the apartment.
Now it is necessary to answer questions of various types, stupid and serious, from intermediaries (which will be at least 80%) to independent buyers.

From the results of the conversation on the phone will depend on whether the buyers will come to see the apartment.
Both end buyers and their representatives (realtors and real estate agencies) will talk to you, so do not get into the “do not disturb intermediaries” position. Not all buyers and sellers of real estate operate independently. The more financially secure a person is, the more likely he is to value his time and the more likely he is to hire an intermediary. And you just need a complaisant buyer.

Properly organized viewing is the guarantor of a quick and profitable deal.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for viewing in advance. To do this, you can refresh the cleaning before the viewing itself: wash the floor and wipe the dust. In addition to cleaning, it is important to prepare answers to customer questions that will definitely be asked. Questions may be about repairs, furniture and neighbors. Prepare in advance the documents for the apartment, which buyers may ask for in order to make sure that you are the owner of this apartment.

For your part, be prepared to ask questions.

Identifying customer needs is an important process in any sale. Ask the question: for what reason do they buy an apartment for themselves? Why in your area? Have children or not. Based on the answers received, build your presentation of the apartment. You need to understand that you need to build a conversation with different people in different ways. Young parents need to be told about safety, kindergartens and school. A young couple without children needs to talk about silence, soundproofing and excellent repair. Tell the elderly about silence, comfort and calm neighbors, etc.

Treat customers with respect and kindness.

Even if you have a bad day or just a bad mood, think about the fact that perhaps this particular person is ready to pay. Try to compromise on your viewing time. Sometimes people turn down an appointment simply because of an inconvenient hour, which can be a missed opportunity.

Check with the client in advance the time he plans to spend watching. During this period, it is worth sending all family members for a walk with pets. Perhaps the inspection of your apartment today is the first, and there are several more meetings ahead. Then try to be clear and concise. There are a few minor downsides to mention. If this is the final viewing for today, offer the visitor tea or coffee, a small lunch. This will help to establish communication and create a pleasant atmosphere of care.

Try to make a good impression and be remembered.

Then from a variety of options, the client will choose your property.

Professional realtors take on all communication tasks and recommend the seller to leave the house altogether for the period of viewing and negotiations, because it is difficult for the seller to hide the emotionality and interest in selling his own apartment.

In turn, with a high probability on the part of the buyer there may be a representative who has experience in negotiations and who can “push” an inexperienced property owner in sales for significant discounts. Some owners specifically hire a realtor-negotiator to “standing in his shadow” to observe the situation without joining in discussions and disputes, but only occasionally inserting amplifying phrases into the conversation.

Order negotiator services

Notarial registration of the purchase and sale of an apartment
VII. Sale and purchase of an apartment
If you have agreed on everything with the buyer, the main person from this moment becomes the notary.

Legally, any notary has the right to certify sales contracts, but not all notaries have sufficient experience to ensure the legality, irreversibility and security of the transaction. In Kyiv, there are several notary offices specializing in contracts for the sale of real estate.

There can be only one notary, either from the seller’s side (from your side), or from the buyer’s side, or from the real estate agency.

Ideally, if the notary who draws up the transaction is the same notary who helped you prepare the documents for the sale – you already know him.

If the notary is not on your side, check what is known about this notary by searching in the Google search engine, look at which portals and in which directories it is present, read reviews about the notary.

If the notary is not in the main catalogs of notaries and directories, there is reason to be wary. A notary is a public person and if he is not represented in the public space, and even more so if there are only negative reviews about him