House sale

Preparing an apartment for sale

Treat this stage responsibly – you will not have a second chance to impress the buyer.

Try to look at your home not from the point of view of the owner, but detached, through the eyes of a stranger. How attractive does your apartment look to the buyer?

The buyer begins to make an impression of housing even at the entrance.

It is necessary to take care of the entrance group (door to the entrance, ground floor landing, stairs, elevator, landing on your floor, door to the apartment ). Therefore, try to remove the garbage from the entrance. It is important to provide lighting for all areas that a potential client will overcome. It should be light, fresh and clean at the entrance and on the floors, and the elevator should work properly. Cleanliness and order is an indicator that decent people live in the house.

If the entrance is dirty and dark and there are vulgar inscriptions on the walls, organize a cosmetic repair. Wash the floor in the entrance, paint the walls. Such preparation will cost a penny compared to the cost of the apartment, but it will help sell the apartment faster and more profitably.

Tidy up your apartment as well.

Get rid of excess rubbish in the form of old furniture, decrepit carpets, books and other unnecessary things. Wash the floors in the apartment, wash the windows, fix the plumbing, replace or wash the curtains. Polish your toilet, bathroom and kitchen! You can glue new wallpaper preferably in neutral tones.

The best is the style of a hotel room – a minimum of things and emotions.

It will be easier for the buyer to “colorize” his future in an apartment that does not impose or oppress with an alien aesthetic.

This job is the responsibility of a realtor or real estate agency if they are selling your apartment.

Determining the value of an apartment

The starting price of an apartment is the price that will be announced when entering the market.
Simply put, these are the numbers in dollars or other currencies that will be indicated in the announcement of the sale.
Setting the right starting price is critical. If it is deliberately and significantly overpriced in the hope of “bargaining is possible,” then perhaps you won’t have to bargain, because no one will be interested in such an apartment.

To date, there are three main methods of forming the starting price with which you need to enter the market for the sale of an apartment – self-assessment, official and professional assessment. Let’s take a closer look at each of the evaluation methods.

Self-assessment of the cost of the apartment

  • Self assessment
  • It is clear that everything will have to be done by yourself.
  • To determine the cost of housing, you need to familiarize yourself with the offers of competitors (other sellers).
  • Start by looking at all available listings for sale in the same area and/or street as the apartment you are selling.

The cost of the same type of apartments may differ in the range from 5 to 20%.

It is important to understand that, on the one hand, the prices indicated in ads with similar real estate were formed on the basis of the same analysis, and on the other hand, these prices already include the inflated expectations of the owners and a certain amount that the owner is ready to give up when bidding. Therefore, if you have high expectations and surcharges for bargaining other sellers, add your expectations and surcharges, then the price will be unrealistic.

The final cost of the object is affected by its layout

Location, year of construction, general condition of the apartment, infrastructure and adjacent territory. When analyzing prices, pay special attention to geography, type of house, as well as the number of square meters and additional areas (loggia, balcony, vestibule). The presence of public transport stops nearby, social facilities, and shops can increase the cost relative to another offer. Also, the price can be safely raised if the future owner of the apartment has at his disposal a parking place or a storage room in the house. The cost of apartments in luxury houses with a fenced yard, video surveillance and a closed territory should not be equated to the usual ones.

It often happens that the buyer is not ready to pay more for an identical apartment just because of the presence of expensive and high-quality repairs. This point of view is easy to understand, because everyone has different tastes. Therefore, simply include the planned amount in the price, without specifying what exactly it is provided for. After all, if you like the apartment, there will be no questions about the price. Otherwise, make small margins, which are also better included in the price in advance.