Real Estate Selling Basics

Official score

In the field of real estate there is such a category of specialists who are called appraisers. These are people or companies that have the right to determine the value of property, including real estate. Theoretically, you can use the services of these specialists, but you need to understand that their key task is to form the value of real estate for tax purposes. Since when buying and selling real estate, citizens try to pay as little taxes as possible, such an assessment is most often sharpened to reduce the cost.

In other words, if you want to sell an apartment, then you should be interested in the cost of an official appraisal, but it cannot be the only source of information for pricing.


Better than real estate specialists,

Realtors and real estate agencies, no one knows the real price picture on the market. There are hundreds of apartments in the databases of agencies and private realtors that have been sold (more precisely, not sold) for years due to inadequate cost, and at the same time, they have been on real estate sales websites for years. If you focus on such objects, you will automatically fall into the category “this apartment is not for sale.”

In most cases, after asking a few questions, a real estate specialist within 10 minutes can give a preliminary estimate of the cost of the apartment. Such efficiency and confidence are based on personal experience in selling similar apartments, statistics of colleagues and competitors, and on customer requests.

Advertising of the apartment

We repeat an important tip, if you take on all the work of negotiating and organizing the sale of an apartment – buy a separate phone with a separate number or at least a new SIM card if there is extra space for a card in the phone.

They will call you, you will have to talk a lot

Negotiate with intermediaries and buyers, and agree on viewing times.

If the ad contains a phone number that you need for work or for personal life, then either the sale, or personal life, or work will suffer during the sale of the apartment.

Now about advertising. The successful reaction of buyers to your apartment depends on two factors.

You need to take pictures of all rooms from at least two angles,

As well as the kitchen, bathroom, corridor and adjacent territory. It will not be superfluous to add a plan of the apartment so that potential buyers can imagine the apartment in space.

If your apartment in the photographs looks like a dungeon in a Thai prison or a homeless shelter, then it is simply useless to count on a buyer.

When photographing, there should be no personal items in the shooting area

for example, the presence of oven mitts, spatulas, a whisk, a meat hammer, pots, kettles, etc., in the bathroom should not be towels, toothbrushes, etc. personal items – this repels the buyer. On the other hand, such a technique pushes a potential buyer to the fact that the housing is empty without an owner, which he, the buyer, could become. A person will mentally arrange his things, dream about the design of his future apartment, remember and get used to the layout.