House Selling Tips

Exclusive contract for the sale of real estate

Oddly enough, real estate as a business segment, that is, operations on it, has not yet been brought into a separate law, as well as the procedure for interaction between a client and a realtor. The most precious thing most people have in their lives is real estate. And to entrust the work of selling, at best, to the first agent that comes across, or to inform many intermediaries about its sale on the most, all kinds of conditions, well, it’s kind of stupid, you see.

Oral agreements, non-exclusive conditions with a mass offer to everyone who “would like to run for it’s not clear what”, a relatively small part of working realtors under a written, exclusive agreement, as for Kyiv, for example.

All this is present, and, unfortunately, there is still confusion regarding the agreements.
So the question is – what is the benefit to the owner himself, to be limited to such frameworks in working on his “most precious product” with some one realtor?

The irony, I hope, is clear here, but still. When working under an exclusive contract, the “right” realtor has a motivation to sell the object quickly and expensively. How to do this and what does the exclusive agreement have to do with it?

Only with a written, signed contract, the realtor can guarantee the payment of part of the commission to his fellow realtor who brings the client-buyer. And only under such conditions, the greatest demand will be created for the object, with its subsequent sale at the maximum market price on the market, at the time of its exposure.

Initial, starting price for real estate

The maximum effect from the entire process of sale and purchase, up to 100% of cases, is possible with the formation of the correct, starting price for the property. If you quickly explain what the essence is like this on your fingers, then it looks like this: An analysis is created according to which the initial price is formed → Analytics of real sales of analogues in recent times are taken → Similar offers currently put up in open sources are being studied → Consultations are held with colleagues, with a final opinion on the formed price → Real estate is being prepared for sale → Start and dynamics of applications.
So, if in this process there are no calls for the first couple of days, and there are no calls for the first week, then in most cases the starting price is “to blame”. That is, the realtor who formed it. I will not write now that the moment for starting the sale was probably unsuccessfully chosen (holidays, the exchange rate went up, etc.) or that any details and nuances were not taken into account. For an average object, dynamics should be expressed in a similar way.

Pre-sale preparation of real estate

Home staging, as it is also called. Many realtors have been informed that after making some improvements in the “image” of the object being sold, it had a good effect on its price and on the rise in demand for it. There is a part of clients, maybe most of all, who lack spatial imagination and artistic, creative approach to their future home, which now looks like a temporary bachelor’s refuge, for example. This is exactly what they need to be prepared for.
It would be much better, both for the owner himself to create demand, and for the buyer to be interested, without moments of disregard for the non-marketable appearance of the object, to allocate time and resources for improvement. In some cases, regular cleaning is enough; in others, cosmetic repairs will not be enough. Here it is necessary to be guided by the question of rationality: how much effort is needed to bring additional value from this, and not “congestion” in terms of the interior and general appearance of the object.

Content, photo, video

I’m always surprised when I see ads in a couple of lines. Okay, there, in the newspapers, but on the Internet, where now there are almost no restrictions on the amount of information given out. It is impossible to pay enough attention to this moment. A client-buyer can simply ignore offers due to a meager description and clarification of information about the main parameters. And for some details that realtors can omit, it happens that the client gives priority to them in the search. For example, a refined description of infrastructure, proximity to a kindergarten or school.
As for media, the necessary minimum, expressed in the presence of several photos, improves the position of the object among analogues. It is better, of course, if the photos are enough for a virtual acquaintance with the object. In some cases, the presence of videos, 3D presentations, diagrams and plans is desirable.