How to sell an apartmen

In the market for buying and selling real estate

Sometimes there are owners of square meters, they are convinced that if everyone can manage the state, then selling an apartment is generally a trifle.

What is so difficult in selling: to place an ad and get several tens of thousands of American ones from the buyer? Realtors who only wind up commission percentages, some of the sellers believe, interfere with selling.

How to sell an apartment on your own:

Without intermediaries (without a realtor, agency)?
Let’s see what difficulties most real estate sellers face, they are confident in their abilities and in the ease of the sale procedure. So, in order – all the stages of the sale and the problems faced by inexperienced owners:

Appraisal of the apartment.

How to assess the value of your apartment? As a rule, the vast majority of property owners overestimate the value of their property, forgetting that there are similar options on the market. And the buyer usually looks for an apartment according to the principle “I want the cheapest or for nothing!”. A well-aimed appraisal of an apartment can save the right seller months of time. But, unfortunately, as experience shows, only after long excursions into the bowels of the Internet and Internet real estate portals, a thorough analysis of the cost of square meters in different conditions and regional distribution, one can form an idea of ​​the starting prices for real estate.

To sell an apartment faster

you should not succumb to the persuasion of friends, relatives and other gentlemen who may advise you to sell more expensive. Just give an honest answer to the question: “Would I buy this apartment for that amount”? and everything falls into place.
Online prices are usually starting prices. Therefore, it is worth considering that almost every interested reviewer of your property will ask to lower the price. In the market, it is customary for property owners to lower from 5 to 20%.
What determines the price of an apartment at a market assessment – read here

How to sell more expensive and more profitable.

So, we found out the approximate cost of housing. The question remains: “Is it possible to sell an apartment for more?”


The answer is quite simple – it is worth making it more attractive, at least visually. Redecoration, cleaning, removal of excess unnecessary property is the best way out for economy housing. As for business or VIP-class housing, buyers are looking for such housing, most often immediately ready for living. And this applies not only to repairs, but even to furniture. Therefore, in such apartments, a good repair may be required for a profitable sale.

Announcement of the sale of an apartment.

Advertising is art. Therefore, it is not worth taking a too frivolous approach to compiling an advertisement for the sale of an apartment. If you advertise your property for sale yourself, please note that all advertising sources will sell similar properties, which will leave your apartment competing not only in price, but also in the quality of the advertisement.

Where to advertise your apartment?

If you want to sell a property without the help of a real estate agency, you will have to take on all of its work. On the street with a sign on the chest “I will sell a cool apartment” usually you don’t have to leave. But it is necessary to place advertisements in the newspaper and various Internet portals.


For example, we give ads in the newspaper “A ..”. It is advisable to make an advance payment for several rooms at once. You should also place ads on Internet sites. And although in our time they multiply at the speed of sound, they read ads on them and buy apartments. So don’t stop at one site.
Be sure to advertise to your friends. Perhaps an acquaintance of your acquaintance is now looking for exactly what you want to get rid of?!
You can post ads at public transport stops. You can also post information on bulletin boards that are located at the entrances of houses.
If you are selling an apartment without an agency, you must understand that: from now on, you must forget about confidentiality – your phone number and apartment address will be open to anyone. Moreover, phone calls will most likely “haunt” you even a year after the apartment is sold.