Real estate agent skills

Knows how to talk about the apartment

The showing of the apartment, which the mediator sees for the first time in his life, usually takes place in silence. This category of realtors is silent. What can a person tell about the apartment, the advantages and disadvantages, if the realtor herself is in it for the first time. Here they are tactfully silent. They won’t tell you anything useful anyway.

The second category of intermediaries is talkative.

They carry any nonsense, just to sell. It will equally tell about a good apartment, and about a bad one. But everything is in general terms. He does not know the area of ​​the rooms and the parameters of the apartment. But he knows how to talk well and distract from viewing. The main thing is to create a good impression and receive a commission after the transaction. Nothing else matters.

But the ideal version of a realtor is when he understands what he is talking about. Before showing an apartment to a client, the realtor must prepare and know the answers to all questions of interest.

A good realtor should know all the available information about the apartment and the house, and if he doesn’t know, then know where you can get it and answer the right question.

Understanding documents

An experienced realtor should definitely know what types of documents for real estate are. Who owns the home and on what grounds, can it be sold. Which of the documents the owner has, and which ones still need to be collected. Main legal documents:

  • Privatization
  • Purchase and sale
  • Donation agreement
  • Life maintenance contract
  • Investment agreement
  • Inheritance
  • The court’s decision

And these documents need not only to know, but also to be able to distinguish. It is also desirable to understand in general terms the types of contracts with developers and investment schemes. Understand how the apartment will be re-registered and what the main risks are.

You don’t need to understand everything thoroughly, but you should worry about the safety of the client and hire a real estate lawyer to check documents and support the transaction.

The lawyer should deal with the documents and support of the transaction. And the main task of a realtor is the selection of options and the sale of an apartment. Therefore, there is a division of duties and labor. A realtor sells, and real estate lawyers check and accompany the transaction.

Knows types of contracts

The realtor must know what types of contracts are, and understand which one is needed for what.

Few people are familiar with the preliminary contract, usually they draw up an agreement of intent or an advance payment agreement in agencies.

Also, intermediaries often use two types of contracts for the provision of intermediary services:

  • Contract for services
  • Exclusive contract
  • Exclusive contract
  • Both are related to commission and realtor earnings.

Knows what an assignment is

With a deposit in general an interesting story. Often a realtor is told that you need to take a deposit for an apartment and are taught how to take it. And if you read the article below, you will find out that in a preliminary contract for real estate, you can’t even mention the word “deposit”, and not what to take. Advance or security deposit only. Therefore, it is still worth a little understanding of the legal intricacies for the work of a realtor.

Usually, an advance payment agreement is drawn up at a real estate agency before buying an apartment. It was created in order for the buyer to transfer part of the money for the apartment and the seller to have some kind of guarantee of entering the transaction in the future. The parties agree on the terms of the transaction and back up their intentions by transferring part of the money.

Knows how to check documents

The realtor should not directly check the documents. A realtor is only a seller of goods, he is responsible for the selection of apartments. To check the documents, specialized real estate lawyers should be involved. Only this step can help determine whether it is possible to enter a deal or whether it is better to refuse a purchase.

Able to negotiate

Negotiations are an important part of a realtor’s job. He must work with each party to the transaction and discuss all the important terms. For organizing the transaction and showing the apartments, the realtor receives money. He sells a product and must present it in the best possible way. This is the most important part of the job.