What a real estate agent needs

What should know and what kind of knowledge intermediaries actually have. By type of activity, we have been dealing with intermediaries in real estate and realtors for the last 15 years. And we can tell a lot about their knowledge in this area.

If a realtor asks for a lot of money for his work, then he must work it out and provide you with a quality service. Let’s figure out what a realtor should know to work in the rental and sale of real estate market. In new buildings and in the secondary market.

Realtor knows the area

It’s good when a realtor lives in the same area where he works and carries out his activities. He lives half his life and knows what and where is located. Then he will be able to tell the person the advantages and disadvantages.

But this is not always the case.

Often, non-locals go to work as intermediaries and you have to figure out the specifics of a certain area already in the course of work.

For successful work, a realtor will need to know not only the area itself, but also the houses that are located in it. Before you start choosing an apartment or taking a client to a show, you need to at least have a rough idea of ​​what is located and where. Which streets are in demand and how they differ.

Knows where the house is

The first thing the intermediary must find out is where the house is located, what kind of apartment, layout, state of repair. He must visit the apartment himself before leading the client. Make sure that it suits the client in terms of parameters and not waste his time in vain.

But with this point, it is difficult for intermediaries.

They don’t make unnecessary moves beforehand. In fact, in 95% of cases, a realtor comes and sees the owner for the first time in his life, as well as the apartment itself. Already on the spot acts according to the situation.

A good real estate agent doesn’t do that. He knows that it is better to visit the site in advance and study it before leading the client. Therefore, the location of the house must be studied not only on maps, but also to really know where the house is located and what is nearby.

Knows where the right apartment is

It’s good that they found a house, and if the apartment is also suitable in terms of parameters, then it’s generally excellent. Because often realtors lead to completely unsuitable apartments. Instead of a 2-room apartment on the middle floor, they can show a 3-room apartment on the first or a one-room apartment on the last floor of the house.

Such cases happen all the time.

Because intermediaries themselves usually do not know exactly where they are leading the client. They know that there is an apartment, but what kind of renovation it has and where the windows go is usually not known. Instead of your desire for a window to the courtyard, you can easily go to look at an apartment with windows on the road in 5 lanes.

This is done in order to give the customer a choice of options and food for comparison. Usually, they don’t immediately lead to the most suitable option, because a person needs to compare and think with something in order to make a decision for buying or renting. One of the 10 options is usually suitable in all respects and a person stops his choice on it.