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Without her darling and good marketing, only a miracle will help sell. But today there are no problems with sources and options for how to advertise a property. Sometimes there is a problem with the advertising budget.
For the greatest effect from the promotion and to attract the largest number of potential buyers, it is necessary to use all possible channels.

By using only a part of them, you can miss the most motivated customer to buy.
Depending on the segment, different marketing channels work differently. For example, outdoor advertising works better in suburban real estate (stretch marks and banners on the facade of the house).

In closed residential complexes, pillars standing near the front doors attract more attention. In the economy segment, sticking on poles works great.
But a lot of things from marketing “moved” to the Internet. It makes a lot of sense to post information about real estate on various resources (real estate portals, bulletin boards, websites of realtors and agencies). With a separate, paid promotion to the tops.

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DOD – open day

One of the powerful marketing tools for the realtor and for the owner is holding an open day. This is a kind of closed presentation for realtors who work in this segment or in this area, and who at that time may have a potential client-buyer.
On this day, there is still a powerful brainstorming session, thanks to which the realtor working on this object can make changes for more productive work. It happens that often a realtor did not immediately cover all the moments of working with his object. After the DOD, as a rule, most of the shortcomings are closed.
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SPP – a system of partner sales of real estate

And finally, the most valuable advice is the work of a realtor with his own colleagues. In my opinion, there is no better way to attract customers to an object or some type of advertising, such as interaction and cooperation with colleagues. Or I personally use Internet marketing badly, with all kinds of advertising.
Here in Kyiv, in the community of professional realtors, it is customary to present objects to your colleagues. With the subsequent payment for the brought buyer, which in itself is an excellent motivator for a colleague. By working through the affiliate sales system, a realtor can create more demand than he would be limited to open source advertising alone. Or trying to sell on their own with an infusion of advertising budgets, which sometimes can be several times higher than the partner’s remuneration.
In most cases, up to 100% of clients’ requests for purchase are through fellow realtors.
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As a real estate agent, I try to focus on the client’s ultimate need, rather than on the buying and selling process or the price itself. After all, you can sell everything, that is, any real estate, the question is the price and the motivation for the sale of the owner himself. If motivation is present, there must be an understanding of what added value the presence of a realtor in this whole process. At the same time, the realtor must understand what he does, whether he knows for what he receives his commission and remuneration for his work.
If a realtor cannot answer the question – “why does the client need him?”, then most likely, this is not yet an accomplished specialist. And all the 10 tips above will not greatly help a client with such an intermediary in closing the issue of his property.