How to sell with a realtor

What should the owner do:

sell it yourself or with the help of a realtor? And if with a realtor, what personal qualities should a specialist have? Will he deceive, will he help? And what’s the difference: to sell with documents or without? Why work under an exclusive contract? What helps to sell: price, preparation, media content? Which is better: limit yourself to advertising or connect fellow realtors?

Realtor and owner = one team

At the beginning of communication between the two sides of the process, trust must be established. Without it, you can not start working, both for a realtor and for a client – distrust, suspicion, secrecy will only be to the detriment of the whole business, with a final, negative result. The consequence of trust should be the emergence of honesty and openness to each other.

The realtor must convey to the client an understanding of why the first is needed by the second. That is, the expediency of the presence of a realtor in the process of buying and selling. What advantages will the client have if he sells his object through a specific realtor.
A professional realtor values ​​his reputation, therefore, in addition to earning from the sale and purchase, he will be focused on receiving positive feedback and recommendations. Another of the points of the realtor in relation to his client should be – confidentiality, in relation to issues of a personal nature. That is, a professional realtor is on a parallel path with the client in terms of the final result.

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Realtor’s workload

First and foremost, you need to understand that a realtor can productively work with no more than 3-5 objects at the same time (up to 10 is an exception). If he has more objects, the client needs to ask himself: “will he have time to resolve and close my issue?”. Otherwise, each next object will be transferred to the list of “frozen interest” from the realtor himself.
Under the best conditions, the issue of selling the property is closed up to 2-4 weeks in time. And if the client himself does not have an urgent need to sell, then he himself can “try to correct”. In order not to use the tools of a realtor for free, as a way to identify a real funnel of interest in a particular object.
Therefore, I think that a realtor should work not on a quantitative basis, but on a qualitative one. And at the same time, to sell most of their objects expensively and quickly, without leaving hung options on your list. And the advice to clients is to look for specialists who work precisely on this principle: “Less is better, but better.”

Readiness of documents for real estate

Imagine a situation where a realtor has created a good demand in a short period of time, and not one, but several clients are ready to consider buying an object on the best terms. But here a situation arises with the lack of documents or their expectation in the process of completion. What happens is that clients with the best conditions are redirected to other objects, and the rest of the clients, who are ready to wait for documents, offer not such the best conditions. But this is at best, and at worst – all customers can evaporate “like dew on the sun.”
Do not tempt yourself or the client with such situations and with the lack of documents, do everything possible so that there are no questions from buyers regarding the property. Let there be questions about the choice of the buyer, and not concessions on price or terms of sale.
An article with a list of required documents: