Apartment for sale


Almost anyone can sell real estate. But only a small part of people can get the maximum benefit. Unfortunately, there is no single recipe that would guarantee a successful sale of housing. But it is possible to create an algorithm that will show how to do it correctly, focusing on maximizing profits for the seller (owner). A typical sequence of steps that will reduce time and increase value when selling real estate is as follows

Preparation of documents.

Documents must be prepared in advance. This will significantly save time when the sale process is launched. At this stage, it is advisable: to legalize redevelopment (if any); write out tenants and find a new place of residence / registration for them (it should be remembered that the process of writing a minor child out of an apartment is a lengthy process); pay off debts on utilities and loans related to housing, etc.
Choosing a method of sale: independently or with the involvement of a professional intermediary (realtor). None of the methods guarantees a quick and maximum profitable sale, but the presence of a professional realtor will significantly increase the chances. True, both the owner and the realtor must be aware that in order to maximize the effect of cooperation, they must act as one team. Therefore, the relationship “owner-realtor” should be built on trust and at least provide for:

  • Conclusion of an exclusive cooperation agreement.

Only in this case, the realtor will know what he is working for and will be able to share the commission with colleagues in the shop who will bring a client-buyer. That is, an exclusive contract is a kind of accelerator for the formation of the greatest demand, which, in turn, increases the likelihood of selling real estate at a high market price. Simultaneous cooperation with several realtors can lead to competition between them, and as a result, the property will be sold, but at a low price;

  • Understanding by the owner of the cost of realtor services.

The cost of services of a truly professional realtor ranges from the average market and above. The reason is simple: these realtors work with fewer properties, but try to sell them as quickly and as expensively as possible in order to get high commissions. However, this does not mean that the realtor who has set the highest commission for his work is really a professional;

  • Taking into account the recommendations of the realtor.

Listening to the advice of a realtor is not only advisable, but necessary. A realtor is a specialist in the real estate market who owns information about which the average person knows little. This does not mean that the owner cannot express his wishes. Maybe. And should. But you should take into account the opinion of an expert (realtor) and adjust the initial desires, because ignoring the tips will delay the sale process;

  • Delegation to the realtor of the authority to negotiate.

Firstly, the realtor is a professional, so he knows better how to communicate with buyers, and secondly, it will save time and nerves for the owner and protect his moral comfort zone. By the way, in the business and elite real estate segments, owners even trust realtors to show housing without their presence.

Price formation.

Probably one of the most important steps regarding the timing and cost of the sale. The price must be realistic and correspond to the current market conditions. If price expectations are too high, time is spent realizing the real cost of housing and lowering the price to an acceptable market.

If the property is undervalued, the sale will take place quickly, but part of the profit will be lost. You can form the price of housing as follows: analyze analogues of recent sales, study the offer price for similar objects on the market at the moment, consult with professionals (realtors, real estate companies) and only after that set your own.

Pre-sale preparation (home-staging).

Practice has proven that even minor adjustments to a property can increase its value and favorably affect the expansion of potential demand. The key point here is the “issue price”, that is, is the effort to be made worth the additional value that we get as a result. Because in some cases, ordinary cleaning in the apartment may be enough, and in others, even cosmetic repairs will not be able to affect the increase in the cost of housing. Of course, it is better to involve professionals who will not only help with advice, but will also be able to carry out home staging.